Google Doodle Teaches Coding Basics

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The December 4th, 2017 Google Doodle features an interactive game that demonstrates the basics of coding. The doodle starts with a basic command – move forward one block – before introducing additional commands such as turning and repeating. As the levels get more difficult, the game shows that rather than performing multiple steps with the same commands, groups of commands can be wrapped into one and then repeated.

Although the doodle may seem like merely a game of moving a character on blocks using symbols, the exercise demonstrates the basic functionality of what coding is. For instance, the popular Ruby programming language uses “object libraries” that are referred to with code snippets. A coder doesn’t need to memorize the entire library, or even have to remember what code snippet to use to refer to the library. Coding interfaces now include drag and drop features to make the languages easy for beginners to understand. Many coders have pages of “cheat” snippets they use by copying and pasting when needed.

Try out the coding Google Doodle yourself: