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What is a Quarkshow?

A Quarkshow is a traveling workshop intended to educate the public about exciting science and technology news, provide assistance to business owners for their online technology, and motivate pre-college students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

STEM Careers for Students

Quarkshow STEM career workshops provide the important next-steps needed to work towards a career in a STEM-related field. The presentations provide a way to get career path information to pre-College students in an attempt to motivate and excite them about modern advancements in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as encourage critical skills necessary to pursuing these career paths.

Online Technology Assistance for Business Owners

Our Online Technology workshops provide essential information to business owners and managers in order to help them maintain a modern web presence and understand how to manage and maintain their online properties. Whether they want to run their own website and online shop or just learn how things work so they know who to hire, the Quarkshow workshops will empower businesses to take ownership of their online presence.

Science and Technology Presentations

Have you wondered about Quantum Computing, or Gravitational Waves, or Dark Matter? In just one hour, a Quarkshow presents this exciting information in a way that you’ll understand and want to learn more about! From Astrophysics to Quantum Physics – the very large to the very small – Quarkshow presentations will definitely stimulate your mind.

Natalie Carpenter is a Quarkshow science and technology presenter
Natalie Carpenter

The Quarkshow presenter is Natalie Carpenter who was very hands-on with computers and programming in High School in the 1980s. However, she was unaware of the paths available that could turn her science and technology interests into a career such as Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. It wasn’t until a friend in college shared his engineering projects that she learned what classes she could take and what careers were available from that path. Natalie’s goal with Quarkshow is to show students what types of employment opportunities are available and what essential skills are needed for any science or technology career. Quarkshow workshops are available for students as well as adults interested in a career change and looking to learn what they can do to get into a science or technology field.

Quarkshow presentations for business owners are based on Natalie’s 20+ years of web development and IT consulting. She enjoys teaching business best-practices and how to avoid the common mistakes she sees businesses make. Workshop attendees appreciate the value of the information that helps them save money by knowing what to expect with their online properties and who to hire to do the tasks they don’t have time for.

Along with a lifelong interest in science and technology and 30 years of hands-on technical work, Natalie has a background in technology education with a specialty in Communications. She resigned her position as IT Director of a small, worldwide company in order to pursue her goal of educating others. 


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